We help materials design teams to analyse specific properties of the materials or to solve specific challenges that might be facing their projects.

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In any industrial process cuts the production costs and time-to-market of a product becomes a priority. During all the stages necessary to deliver a product on the market the material design stage plays a fundamental role. The decisions taken at this stage will affect the final quality of the product. SIMUNE is here to help your company in making those decisions.

Computer simulations became a powerful tool to investigate and make a prediction of material properties. The increasing power of new computers and the advances in the industrial production technology create an overlap between experiment and theory.

Computer simulations and SIMUNE’s support program are the right tools to create your new material.

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Simulation is used for a wide variety of cases to solve materials-related challenges. Learn more about application areas.

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We are happy to hear from you. We adjust our support to meet the users requirements and proviide solutions to their specific problem.

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