Computer simulation is a powerful tool to investigate and make predictions of material properties.  Nowadays both open-source and commercial software are used to design new materials and to predict specific material properties of interest on a wide range of fields.

SIMUNE has observed that industrial researchers often use commercial software as an alternative to open-source codes. Commercial software is usually expensive and not flexible. It is offered with certain guarantees and usually with customer service provided.

On the other hand, the complexity of numerous open-source simulation codes (such as SIESTA) it is the reason that, for the most part, only the academic community uses them. They are too customized or specific, and difficult to learn and to use. Moreover, they do not come with customer service.

SIMUNE believes in the great potential of the open-source codes normally developed by professional researchers with many years of material design experience.

Within our “Code Support Program”, we identify compelling open-source codes, and we design programs to create professional ready-to-use tools with support and guarantee.

Codes We Support

Simune’s services support multiple code systems.
These are the most popular.



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