The project is funded by ES-BC: Spain Basque Country, and Germany (BMBF: Ministry of Education and Research). The total project cost is 1,950.244€

NanoGraM will explore new Nano-/Microelectro-mechanical (NEMS/MEMS) devices based on graphene interfaces and surfaces. The integration of graphene NEMS/MEMS sensors with silicon technology will enable smart systems that enhance the well-being of people, food quality, traffic safety, pollution monitoring, or homeland security.

The partners involved in the project are:

  • Infineon Technologies AG, Germany (Coordinator)
  • WITec GmbH, Germany (Partner)
  • Universität Siegen, Germany (Partner)
  • Graphenea, Spain (Partner)
  • Simune Atomistics S.L., Spain (Partner)

RWTH Aachen, Germany (Partner)

SIMUNE will provide guidelines to obtain high performance/high sensitive sensors to the partners involved in the fabrication of grapheme-based devices. This target will be achieved by means of high accurate simulations.

SIMUNE will perform Density Functional Theory (DFT) simulations to provide information on the physics at the atomic scale with particular attention on the influence of strain and gas adsorption on the electrical characteristics of graphene. Furthermore Graphene/metal contacts will be investigated in order to assess which metals assure the best performance in terms of low contact resistance.Transport properties will be studied by means of Tight-binding Hamiltonian based transport models. The models will predict the electrical behavior of the sensors investigated within the project and results will be validated against experimental results.

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